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Decorative Elements free embroidery designs

Treble clef free machine embroidery design 11


Size: 52 x 100 mm, 2.04' x 3.92'

Colors; 2

Stitches: 4484

Digitizer: Igor Denisov


Size: 62 x 119 mm, 2.44' x 4.71'

Colors; 2

Stitches: 5650

Digitizer: Igor Denisov

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Using machine embroidery design on T-shirts

Recently, T-shirts are actively used on promo actions, and they practically pushed out familiar T-shirts from the market. Such events we meet more and more in shopping centers and just on the streets of the city. Promoters wear T-shirts with corporate symbols. This method does not just talk about a new product or service, but also advertises the whole company. Machine embroidery on a T-shirt is a good solution for such events, especially if in your organization they practice often.

If you stopped at the embroidery of a logo, a personal embroidery or other drawing, first of all, you need to prepare a layout. After that, our managers will translate your layout into stitches and calculate how much time and money will be needed to make the print run. Machine embroidery is the least expensive type of work. It saves you money and time. You get a neat and lasting result. Good looking white and black T-shirts, but, as you know, the application can be done on fabric of any color.

T-shirts are often used as a uniform for workers in the field of nutrition. Because they are comfortable, do not constrain movements, they are easily erased and ironed. T-shirts with embroidery for men and women look stern and stylish. Embroidery is not afraid of washing and long socks. It does not wipe and does not wipe, even after many washes. We quickly embroider and one product and a large print run. A quality exclusive thing happens not only in expensive boutiques. You can do it yourself, without much effort. It creates a rather attractive and at the same time a modest image.

Decorate your embroidery with your clothes

For any mom, it is important not only that the figure is pretty dressed, but, and that the clothing is safe. Baby T-shirts are a beautiful outfit and completely harmless. Use the threads of the world's best manufacturers, which are made of high-quality materials. Then family T-shirts can often be washed, ironed from the wrong side and put on again and again. Both mothers and children will be satisfied.

It's hard to please a fine floor with a choice of attire. Before you buy a women's t-shirt with embroidery, think carefully. Any girl wants to be special. But in stores they sell the same clothes in large print runs. Make a unique gift, ordering your own machine embroidery. It can be not only the original inscription, but also the image of her favorite flowers, for example, roses or lilies. Then she will know for sure that no one else has such a T-shirt.

Note: Commercial use of our machine embroidery designs. Designs listed on this page you can use in your business. You can embroider, and sell embroidered products. Change designs of your own choice. Add or remove various design elements. Use together with inscriptions or other designs.

Limitation. Production of not more than 100 embroidered items. If you want to produce products with our designs in greater quantities - please contact us.