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Phrases and words embroidery designs

Friend fur ever free machine embroidery design


Size: 120 x 57 mm, 4.71' x 2.26'

Colors; 3

Stitches: 5550

Digitizer: Igor Denisov


Size: 140 x 67 mm, 5.5' x 2.64'

Colors; 3

Stitches: 6750

Digitizer: Igor Denisov

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Embroidery design for pets.

Love your four-legged friend? Then make him and yourself a gift embroider a new product with this romantic inscription. Inscriptions are often used in machine embroidery. It can be a romantic embroidery for Valentine's Day or a gift for a newborn. Also an excellent option can be embroidery on clothes for dogs or a portable bag for a puppy. Make your product indindualny. In the kit you can make yourself a T-shirt with the same embroidery.
Design of medium density. Use a stabilizer with a density of 40-60 grams per m2. A table of colors is available on the site, but you can easily pick your own given the color of the fabric on which the project will be embroidered.

Machine embroidery diaries on scarves.

Scarf is a long, not very wide piece of fabric that wraps around the neck. A modern scarf can be any length of any width, made of a variety of fabrics of various textures and colors.
 The history of the first scarf has more than two thousand years. The first mention of the scarf comes from ancient China. The famous tomb, discovered in 1974 relating to the reign of the Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang Di, with the statues of 7,500 soldiers and each had a scarf around his neck. Chinese warriors wore scarves exclusively for practical purposes, to protect themselves from cold and wind.
A modern scarf, like in the old days, performs the function of keeping heat. In addition to functionality, the scarf is used for aesthetic and religious purposes

Performing an aesthetic function, the scarf is customarily decorated. One way to stand out with a scarf is the design of machine embroidery. Most often the most durable and high-quality kind of personalization is the machine embroidery on scarves. Scarf with the company logo is part of the corporate clothing. This is part of the corporate style of any company, which certainly affects the image and recognizability.
Machine embroidery on scarves allows you to embroider large runs in the shortest time and of course with an excellent result.

Machine embroidery on knitted scarves.

If you have knitted scarves, which need to be painted, pay attention to this kind of personalization. The use of high-quality threads guarantees a long-term preservation of the original appearance. Embroidery on knitted scarves can be done both on the details of the cut, and in the finished form. You can use both acrylic and wool. It is only necessary to take into account the fact that embroidery on finished products will have a wrong side, which is not a duplicate of the main embroidery, it's the wrong side.

Embroidery on fleece scarves.

Beautiful ornament, monogram, any beautiful and original pattern, company logo, brand name, quality embroidered on fleece scarf will greatly improve and beautify the look. Low cost of scarves and embroidery of the logo make the product an affordable gift option for any budget. As a gift to employees for the new year, or for customers during an off-road trip in cold weather, it's a pleasant moment of gift and care.

Embroidery on scarves for toys.

Preparing gifts for children, sometimes there is a need to use machine design on toys. To help come the possibility of making small-sized scarves with beautiful embroidery. This scarf with the original project can be tied to any soft toy, to any teddy bear, bunny, fox. This accessory will additionally decorate the gift.

Note: Commercial use of our machine embroidery designs. Designs listed on this page you can use in your business. You can embroider, and sell embroidered products. Change designs of your own choice. Add or remove various design elements. Use together with inscriptions or other designs.

Limitation. Production of not more than 100 embroidered items. If you want to produce products with our designs in greater quantities - please contact us.