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Catchy and Vibrant Monster High Embroidery Design for Your bathroom

In today fast paced world, a lot is being done to keep pace with time. World of fashion industry is also no exception. New patterns, colors, fabrics and cuts evolve each day, challenging the next designer to the next level. But the trend is not only to follow from designer’s imagination, but designers also get inspired from our lives and try to chase our imagination from what we aspire or introducing us to what we are already familiar with. 

Nowadays designers are using modern designs, which came from tv screens. Cartoon characters are becoming trend symbols,  for example Monster High embroidery design. One of such modern girl's character is of Frankie Stein. She is very beautiful, gorgeous, vivacious and powerful trend queen.

Earlier the character who had powers so magnanimous that she could conquer the whole world was vulnerable, as any other human, with her own fears to overcome. Well, don’t we dream about ourselves in such position? Self motivating ourselves to the position that we can triumph over the whole world yet there is a small weak side of fearing for us even in the sturdiest situations. We aspire to be carefree, confident, scintillating personalities as is portrayed here.

Well the piece presented here is the epitome of debonair Frankie Stein, beautiful cartoon machine embroidery design spread over the brick dark red towel. Crafted with the title of ‘Monster High’ embroidery threaded with realistic thread's shadow this portrait is uplifted with the pure white border toned with blue to offer contrast with red background and defining a space for the resonant image of Frankie Stein embroidery. The most prominent features of Monster High Frankie Stein is her wavy and plaited golden hair, which are toned down to lemon chiffon color to augment her more vibrant features alias eyes. Laden with life-size, sharp, almond shaped, sky blue eyes, she seems to contain the whole space, overlooking over her delicate shoulder. Her bare shoulder peeping out of her deep fall-over neck gown offers a flirtatious yet confident feminine appeal. Shored by her playful, beaming smile, the personality emerges as a total appeal of confidence and optimism. In this cartoon machine embroidery design the power of the character has been atoned into a very upbeat self assured and flirtatious yet self contained personality.

The non glossy embroidery threads used in this piece are light colored yet vibrant enough in the same frequency as the background fabric.

Such a subtle, at the same time catchy Frankie Stein embroidery design with contrast fervor of colors, fabric and textured finish will be attracting piece of apparel adding to the personality its own aura. It could be truly inspiring for little girls or reassured ladies to have this design on their shirt. Also if clubbed with a piece of home décor such as pillow or cushion, it is manifestly going to add reminiscence of the personality that was epitome of power yet capitulates to the righteousness. The presence of the nostalgic theme that we all love “Kingdom lived happily ever after”!

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Posted by gk384 on
just brilliant.... i am in love with your site.
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