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Animals free embroidery designs

Chihuahua puppy free embroidery design


Size: 159 x 96 mm, 6.26' x 3.78'

Colors; 24037

Digitizer: Igor Denisov


Size: 179 x 108 mm, 7.05' x 4.25'

Colors; 4

Stitches: 28385

Posted by Yoke on
Cant download the color chart...
Posted by Support on
Check. and not found problem with download.
Posted by redrose on
I download this dog free embroidery design. My Brother machine Innovis NV955 cannot detect the file when loaded on USB. I have tried shrinking it with My Editor. Still dont work. What am i doing wrong?
Posted by Support on
We sent this free design by email. Specify your hoop size. Before writing designs to the USB flash card, save the designs to your hard disk. And only after that transfer them to removable media.
Posted by lkgk2222 on
Please I’m trying to download those pes from 1917 and it don’t work what do I do please help me Lise
Posted by Support on
please check design's size. Some designs may be bigger for you.
Posted by mychihuagua on
Hi, my 1er time trying to download chihuahua puppy "I miss you" tried brother pes and bernina art and is not downloading .
help please. Tks
Posted by DesignPyyhe on
Thanks for getting back to me
I love a few of your designs, but I would start with those if I may
and the other blue boy monster.
I am making things from linen, and this will go onto tissue box covers, and it will be a trial first to see if this may sell.
I have to make sure it is not copyrighted by any company like disney or similar and I have an ok from you so I do not get into trouble.

Please let me know;
- if I can put them onto my tissue box covers
- if the designs are not interfering with any company like disney by using their things
Posted by Support on
DesignPyyhe : There are no problems. You can use these free machine embroidery designs in your business activities.
Posted by Support on
mychihuagua: What BERNINA embroidery machine you have? New machine used EXP format.
Posted by gabimuench on
Cannot find icon download. How I can download???
Posted by rkbtja on
I found this link on facebook (see below), I cannot download the chihuahua puppy. I would be happy to get it. Is there any chance to send it to me via email. I am a regular customer of your designs.
Thanks so much. Very appreciated.
Posted by Support on
Answer to rkbtja: What problem you have? What device using ?
Posted by Support on
Answer to gabimuench: No have icon.Choose format and size which you need click under link and Save. Please found table with formats.
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