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Sea life embroidery designs

Nautical, Marine, Ocean, Sea Life embroidery designs perfect adding a touch of ocean to your child's clothing, home furniture. Designs feature intricate, detailed embroidery of sea creatures, ships, nautical symbols, making  ideal choice being decorating children's clothes, patchwork, blankets, interior accoutrement items. Embroidery designs suitable a wide range of projects, making it easy to bring beauty, excitement of ocean into house.


Large selection of designs marine, adventure motive. Anchors, schooners, compasses, skulls, weapons, maximum importantly pirates themselves. Scary, dangerous - embroidery renovate son's t-shirt or decorative quilt elements. Embroidery designs ready-made digital things. Make little masterpiece, .
Please watch to one-colored patterns. Minimum term, materials for job. Style in octor built is reminiscent of drawings on ancient marine map. Demonstrate very stunny on any variety of fabric. Cushions finished using these designs great.


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