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Logotypes embroidery designs


You did not find you want logo embroidery?

No problem, use our customer digitizing service. Examples of embroidery work below.

Embroidered logo on finished products

Logo on tape

A popular and universal way is to put a logo on the ribbon. You can hang it in the office, and you can bandage the gift, and use it in prom-actions. One benefit!

Tapes come in different widths, from different materials, different colors. All this must be taken into account when creating the program. But the result will please with quality.

 Drawing a logo on a ribbon Drawing of a logo on ties Xartimo Investments Drawing of a logo on ties Xartimo Investments Drawing of a logo on ties Xartimo Investments

Embroidered logo on bags

The bag can be useful both to your couriers and to ordinary employees of the office, and you can give it to a client as a gift. For this reason, the logo on the bag is in demand.

We work both with leather bags, and with bags of jute or burlap, fabric and textile. Any of them can be decorated with our embroidery. And you can make a badge on a suitcase!

And, maybe you need to put a logo on bags? Well, there are no bags for you, but there are bags. Why not? Us, you know, does not scare the logo on bags! We embroider in the best possible way!

 Patches on the bags Sunhill Drawing of the Toyota logo on the handles of bags Bags on the bag Logo on the bag Rick on the bag Drawing the logo Go Green on the jute bag Drawing the logo on the backpacks Way of adventure

Logo machin embroidery design on the cover

Covers are a good thing in order not to patch the object in use. Types of covers are very diverse: covers for technology, covers for furniture, car covers - and much more. We produce the logo on any type of covers.

The logo of the car on the cover for the headrest looks especially good.

Applying a embroideyr logo on a towel

In the hotel and restaurant business, the towel plays an important role. To remember your brand, it's worth ordering the logo on the towel. We work with both terry towels and waffle towels, and the quality of our embroidery will only please you!

Plaid with logo

Plaids are becoming more popular. Restaurants with open verandas consider it a good idea to offer plaid clients to protect themselves from the wind. Hotels use bedspreads and plaids for decorating rooms. Even in the offices of late penetrated the fashion for this detail of the interior. So plaid with the logo and you will not hurt! Please!

Logo on shoes

It's hard to imagine, but you can really embroider shoes. Not always and not everywhere, but perhaps you have such a case? Putting the logo on the shoes - it's unusual, original, just remember the customers!

Logo pembroidering on different materials

Logo on cotton fabric

Finally, if the garments and accessories are not of interest to you, there is another good way to promote the brand: putting the logo on the fabric. There is no limit to your imagination!

We do not send machine embroidery designs in working formats such as EMB for Wilcom and PXF for Tajima Pulse software. If you need bigger size please send request via Contact Us form.

Attention You can also request another color chart (Madeira, IsaCord, Sulky, Marathon..) for the other embroidery design .


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