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Baby embroidery designs

Baby embroidery designs from library are always good when need to make an young parents unusual bounty. Sew cute elephant, bear, girl, princess or giraffe on a personality towel / date of a newborn. Manually digitized,. 


Children's embroidery on finished products

Machine embroidery on result, special equipment is used, computerized, allows to program algorithm creating a pattern according to characteristics work of different kind materials. .
Children's embroidered items from textiles, leather combine aesthetic qualities and practicalityl satisfy any demand practicality, functionality.
Company offers a unique embroidery design being bibs, clothes. Contain not only decor elements, but also carry aesthetic educational effect. Order an inscription, name, date, congratulatory, surprise present by embroidering a set of products executed in one style.

Realize  embroidered newborn gifts

With the help of designs, create a specific exact requirement dimensions wares. Embroidery allows to manufacture an unrestricted anount finished consequence same representation, is widely used commercial purposes to create a collection in small shop or atelier.
To make embroidery really durable, exigency to work along high-quality threads. Such embroidery, indeed, last longer, especially when compared printed picture wears out faster, fades, loses its original characteristics.

Sweetest leasant. Perfect tablecloth, outfits, bibs, toys.


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