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Countries and cities embroidery designs

Landscapes, streets, city, scenic, ocean / beach view embroidered designs from stock widely used for interior items. Large projects looks such as embroidered post cards, watercolor, oil, sketch painting. Assortes dimensions patterns, pillow, clothes, towels, napkins, bag decorate. Tested on various equipment.


Where using city embroidery

Like to travel? Collect adorable memories, imprintings about places visited ? It's time to transfer designs into T-shirts, sofa cushion, blanket, duvet, kitchen items. Stock inside:
national symbols,
urban stories, panoramic,
natural terrain, environment,
labels for national holidays / celebrations,
dream catcher - native america, indian, feathers
character ancient traditions, stylized elements of different cultures,
phrases, inscriptions, names of countries, cities, continents.

Сhoice of product type depends on complexity purpose of project. Dense fabrics (cotton, jeans) allow  apply multilayersб effects patterns. Lightweight (synthetics, burlap) - rare weaving - 1-3 thread colors


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