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Fantastic world embroidery designs

In collection find everything would win heart of modern teenager. Different in style, dimensions embroidery files. various fantasy creatures, gnomes, dragons that unrestricted up a huge sphere of decor wear.


How decorate clothes Fantasy embroidery

In contemporary adorable unusual art, for a long arrange - firmly took their place not only real, but also mythological fairy-tale characters.
Child fans of marvellous planet directory. Here find a wide selection of several motives, scenes. Works effortlessly decorate garment; small kitchen napkin, babies birthday, to a large quilt as a present to a young dreamer.
Stock assorted subjects;
dragons, basilisk, hydra, tarragon, wyvern,
unicorns, pegacorn, unipeg, unisus,
fairy tale, romance characters,
elements of mythology,
folk, legends fable symbols, signs,
loving fiction heroes, 


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