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inscriptions embroidery designs

Embroidery with a wide range of applications

Collection of dedication: holidays, events; Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, anniversary, newborn, just married.
All writings elementary made in 1-2 colors, do not require of special stabilizers large amount layers. It is convenient - those who want to make a present rapidly.


Inscriptions & phrases in embroidery

Bright, inspirational regarding love, friendship, dedicated to their house, pets, birthday, winter celebration. Such contrasting, become a shirt decoration, a slogan in an advertising company, wedding ceremony. charity, fragment of a home decor on a blanket, tablecloth.
Discrete sizes, ability to effortless modification color thread extends creative possibilities to boundless. Sayings is also a superior addition to another ornament. Good taste when front piece of pillow is divided in half, in one portion signature is embroidered, in second stylistically coincides inscription. Inscription about adoration of pet connected among dog head, cats. Children's room cushion - appropriate phrase, design including a cute animal.
Simple monophonic jerseys beside an excellent activity field.
Embroidery on a beach or bath towel sewing it easy to turn uncomplicated products ( bought in store) into a personal bounty.
Only a small division of what be realized embroidery designs.


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