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Fairies and Angels embroidery designs

How using Fairy embroidery designs

Discover magic powers of fairies in embroidery library. These charming creatures of folklore, romance take to a world, everything is possible make dreams come true. Fairies amazing element of decor but also a fashionable embroidered clothes. 


Embroidery on outfit create it original, smart, bright, interesting. Great pictures, favorite cartoon characters, combinations of colors hild joy, charge it good mood, energy. In addition, embroidery on teen's helps development, it teaches to distinguish colors, shapes, first letters, words.

Embroideried shirt is safe for baby, never cause allergies. German thread Gunold from viscose, do not; shed, fade, distort vestment, scratch the delicate skin child. Children's clothing effortlessly be in washer at a temperature of less higher 60 ° C.

Embroidery on toddler's garment

Clothing shown more interesting, thanks to jewelry or embroidery. Babies outfit produce apparels original. Surprisingly, decorating girls's shirts, sweaters, dresses, blouses certain stitches, thing seems to transform.

Textile embellish delivers visual joy, but has a function for development baby. Feeling shining ornament along.his hands, infant remembers image, tries to find it in several things, books. Very nice to see happiness newborn  when see on their habiliment; little animals, flowers, butterflies. Pleasure to wear such clothes.


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