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American embroidery designs

American embroidery - stylized, modified North American modern art for Independence Day clothing embroidery decor or souvenir creations. Traditions, innovations came to definitive needlework. Uniqueness, authenticity is real way to sew a true masterpiece.


American embroidered folk on clothes.

In recent period, interest in recommend culture is gaining momentum. In particular, manifested in desire to decorate garments folk ornaments.
Equipment here even has an advantage, because embroidery is more smooth, tidy than manual, it lasts longer.
Jeans jersey patterns. Completely divergent goals pursued by embroidery on a denim shirt. Free, comfortable technique suggests a rich furnishing of ethnic subject? Boho styles, dreamcatcher, feathers elements. Since dungarees fabric proceed to us America, it is habitual to use local motifs borrowed by famous cowboys / Indians. Indian embroidery perfectly underlines sense of taste, but not necessarily limited to it. On jeans, rock concepts, ordinary marking watching just as good.


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