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Embroidered denim jacket with Root man design

Let’s assume that you are about to customize your plain old denim jacket, adding this Root Man embroidery design. How do you go about it?

Embroidered denim jacket with root man design

Sturdy and durable denim fabric is wonderful for Root man machine embroidery if one keeps in mind two of its properties. First is that denim is made of cotton fibers, and cotton shrinks after washing and drying. So, in order to avoid puckering, we strongly recommend laundering your jacket prior to the embroidery.
The second thing that one should remember when embroidering on denim is that however heavy this fabric looks, it is nevertheless stretchy. For this reason, a cutaway stabilizer should be used, for, unlike a tearaway stab, it doesn’t stretch. Also, it won’t hurt to additionally secure it with a temporary spray adhesive before hooping.
Now that we know all that, let’s get down to the embroidery. Print out the template and position it on the garment. Do not place it over a seam, for you’ll definitely warp the design in this way! Mark the center point together with horizontal and vertical lines with a vanishing marker.
As it is with skirts and dresses, a denim jacket is easier to hoop over an ironing board. Put one hoop on its narrow end, cover it with a piece of stabilizer sprayed with an adhesive, glue your jacket onto it and place the outer hoop on top of it. Before you tighten the screw, make sure that there are no wrinkles.
All-purpose rayon or polyester threads will be a safe choice. They are bright, washable and durable. But if you’re not going to wash your jacket too often, you may opt for something more interesting, such as metallic threads that will stand out very nicely against the denim background. Select a strong sharp/denim needle for denim, size 90/14 — 100/16.
Slip the hooped jacket into the machine and load your design. Position your needle above the center point mark. Make sure that a sleeve did not get under the hoop! If everything is OK, hit the start button to stitch out the first color in the design. After the machine has finished stitching, change your thread color and repeat until the design is completed.
When the machine has finished with the last color in the design, detach the hoop and loosen the screw. Cut the excess stabilizer with your embroidery scissors to have a clean wrong side. Iron your jacket with its right side down on something soft, like a terry towel.
Enjoy wearing it!

Posted by eqstrn on
I have planed to do just this for about a year now but have been afraid to try. Thank you for the great tips. The project is now on my plate.
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