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Pillow with Frozen machine embroidery design

In modern times clothes are not only a necessity   but have risen above the need and mode for mere cover, but substantiating itself in every aspect of life. Not only its employment as clothing but also and most surprisingly into upgrading our house’s prestige. Today garment industry is not only concentrating on apparels but also on the home linens and trying to add status, attitude and themes to the décor

Decor has seen lot of evolution with modern materials blend with older ones, various texture and fabrics created everyday embossing in-built s, experimentation with colors, design patterns modern arts and blueprints more than ever before. Nevertheless one element of decor has stood the time i.e. ‘The Frozen machine embroidery’. Even today embroidery in home decor fabrics is considered elegant and exhibiting affluence of the house.

Lot of experimentation has taken place in these cartoon machine embroidery pattern used in home linens. Usually floral pattern, birds, butterflies were most prominently used icons for machine embroidery but as the societies have advanced their icon have shifted to more of handmade emblems. 

Contemporary emblems used today are mostly media inspired.  Probably we are trying to experiment and add some features of those characters into our lives and our frozen machine embroidered pillow is one of them. Well one to mention here is the character Anna from the animated Disney story’ Frozen ‘. The little princess, who tries to save her kingdom from eternal winter and in the endeavor, is able to create eternal bonding between the two sisters. 

The cool gothic design embroidered in the form of the medieval portrait. The embroidery encased in an oval white frame extended to encompass the title ‘Frozen’. The whole ensemble of frame has been intertwined with the combination of contrasting colors preserving its medieval identity with rich wooden chocolate brown frame highlighted with a bright yet sober white with blue hued outline. Similarly the inside the frame machine embroidery fill, with white, tinged with blue imparts mesh appearance giving it rustic non modern look.

Dressed in a traditional gown with a waist coat simply transpires our thought to that era. The featured embroidery on the waist coat on the dress of the Disney embroidery cartoon character Anna adds to these details. With blonde plaited hairs which have been added to contrast the serene background and the black waist coat brightened up with bright sea weed green border and intricate creeper and stark red flowers surely adds a sober decoration. The princess whose perfectly embroidery carved face is lit with a incandescent red lipped smile and marine blue eyes light up the aura for the onlooker.

Such Frozen machine embroidery is a poem in itself which can be confidently placed on a pillow or cushion for display. Such radiant featured logo if placed is sure to act as an aide memory to the positive and truthful, confident, attitude of the princess to our lives. I like this idea of placing this scion on a pillow much more because I can hold that pillow alias that icon and endear her as I like when I need.

So for me Placing ‘Frozen’ on embroidered pillow is the paramount inspiration that I can place for my company and who wouldn't?

Would like see more Frozen machine embroidery designs.

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