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Cute Embroidery Design dress

Since centuries and generations ever since in history people have embellished their clothing with embroidery .These embroideries have taken inspiration from nature/surrounding or have been inspired with their use as symbol of denomination. But none the less, these embroideries have never failed to catch hold of attention of the mankind.

Even today embroidery is a vital element of fashion industry. Embroidery has also seen changes in its art form and its creation. Today most beautiful and intricate designs are created through machines. For example this elegant Disney machine embroidery design created here depicts a very feminine and graceful cat of Disney cartoon. The sharp contrast of the colors used in machine embroidery is very catchy and gives an instant appeal to eye. The rich white thread used itself creates a clean tidy and pure image which is an instant acceptance. Well this is the reflection we would like to be associated within others eyes. Also white is an instant contrast to any bright or dark clothing that we would like to wear. The big stylish Red bow of course is the show stopper of the piece. This stark red bow adds contrast to embroidered dress on which it is placed and makes it more vivacious. But the eroticism is added by the aqua blue eyes the sharp curved eyelashes and nude pink ears. The whole assembly of colors contrasts shapes and cartoon embroidery design is an instant appeal and associates all the adventurous flirtatious appeal with the person who adorns this feline embroidery.

Not only can this embroidery be associated with the lady charm but also being the favorite Disney cartoon character, it symbolizes the love we have for this character and love to show it off. It also gives us a cozy feeling of carrying such a loved creature as our companion.

Such loved Disney cartoon character surely deserves place on the entire children embroidered dress. The cute little expressive figurine of the Disney character is gorgeous and a "must have" adornment. Children can often associate themselves with cartoon characters and can always feel accompanied as they do with their action figures and dolls.

As the cartoon machine embroidery is non glossy and has a graded stripes texture. Any fashion and fabric dress with this embroidery can easily blend in. The glossy and silky embroidery will be compliment by the bright red of the bow and rugged jeans or laced fabric will get accolade by grade textured bare white. When placed on a shirt white and red combination of the machine embroidery imparts contrast to any color trousers, pants, formal and informal skirts that we may desire to pair up with that shirt. 

The combination of bright and light color and texture of the Disney embroidery design also blends well with any kind of accessory like any rugged cloth bag or a chic red leather shoulder purse, playing contrast of red, white and black in caps, veils, leggings.

So for me having such shirt is surely a "must have" to tickle the naughty child in me if not the vivacious diva in me.

You can find this design Aristocat embroidery design

Posted by Paduck on
I looked for the design to purchase of the aristocat 2 design above and I did not find it...Thank you, its adorable..
Posted by MihaelaB on
i want it in pes. help please!!
Posted by Support on
MihaelaB all formats available, also PES!
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