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Flowers free machine embroidery designs

Flower and heart free embroidery design


Size: 55 x 75 mm, 2.16' x 2.94'

Colors; 6

Stitches: 7935

Digitizer: Igor Denisov


Size: 73 x 99 mm, 2.86' x 3.9'

Colors; 6

Stitches: 12108

Digitizer: Igor Denisov



In a large bouquet yellow flowers are made for expressiveness, if they are embroidered in white, it is better to use a milky or creamy tint, then the flowers will look more natural than the snow-white ones with a blue tint.

Posted by rosa on
If I send you a picture would you be able to make a programme for me that I can use on my machine? If so what is the cost of doing this.
Posted by Support on
Yes, we have Custom digitizing service https://embroideres.com/customer-digitizing/customer-digitizing-service/custom-digitizing-order/
Posted by dixie on
I just downloaded several free embroidery designs. Some of them did not have a color chart and picture to download.I also need instructions on how to download them to my thumb drive. I see many of the items have numerous options, a,b etc. How dp I know which ones to download? I only need one of each item.
Thank you for your assistance
Posted by Support on
1. Please explain which designs not have color chart? Only one colored design no have color chart.
2. If you thumb drive - USB stick, this is easy copy and paste as any file(s)
3. This is easy name1a, name1b - different sizes for one design and format. you can download all. More information about it here https://embroideres.com/support#6588
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A small bag for cosmetics and various female trifles. It can also be a handbag for a mobile phone. A frequent and necessary accessory in the life of any woman. And you certainly have it, too. Why not make yourself, new and use our free design. As you see in this photo. The author chose the black color of the fabric to emphasize the vivid colors of the embroidery. The design has an original table of colors, but you can easily change it to your fabric color. Average density.
This is an excellent choice because this embroidery is compatible with any embroidery machine - the size under the embroidery frame is 4 x 4.

Are you looking for high quality embroidery designs?

Yes, all this you will find with us. We select images for digitizations most carefully. We not only test our work ourselves, but also actively involve our users for this. Every day we download new free designs. After downloading them you can check our level of digitizations yourself. You can also use our embroidery, not only for domestic work, but also for business. We are waiting for your projects and photos with them.

Embroidery is often decorated with skirts and dresses, but it looks more than appropriate and on the outer clothing, which, as it is impossible by the way, is appropriate in the spring. This year, the most unusual examples of the decor of machine embroidery garments appeared on the shows of Alexander McQueen and Etro: embroidery in a small flower adorned with scythe Punk rock and romanticism in one image promises to be the most fashionable combination this season. More familiar version showed Dolce & Gabbana and pre-fall Etro: embroidery on jackets and light jacquard coats.