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Rose free embroidery design 19


Size: 100 x 91 mm, 3.93' x 3.6'

Colors; 2

Stitches: 9260

Digitizer: Igor Denisov


Size: 119 x 110 mm, 4.72' x 4.31'

Colors; 2

Stitches: 11483



Moen on
File was exactly as described. Love it, and so did my customers!
vocalhalo on
I Love your site, the only thing that bothers me is the color chart. I can't get the colors to show when i print the sheet just the name and numbers. I take a picture of the chart that is on my lap top and send it to my e-mail so I can print it, In that way i can see the colors. Am i not doing the it right?
Support on
Just need choose color charts formats in Order Download page. For help please read this topic http://embroideres.com/forum/topic/481-correct-thread-color/
Help http://embroideres.com/support
Video help http://embroideres.com/video-instructions-customers
asmin on
Hi, hope this is the right place.. I have just downloaded the rose free embroidery design and a free dragon. The dragon has downloaded ok but I keep getting the message "unexpected file format" on the logo. I have checked the Brother PES box on the downloadable formats and I use PE Design 8 soft ware. Why won't the design download?
Support on
Such problems sometimes exist with old formats (1, 2-4). We mailed you an updated version.
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