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Pink rose sketch free embroidery design


Size: 61 x 100 mm, 2.39' x 3.92'

Colors; 1

Stitches: 5526

Digitizer: Igor Denisov


Size: 73 x 120 mm, 2.86' x 4.72'

Colors; 1

Stitches: 6724



A rose design in the style of a pencil sketch. In one color. Perhaps it will suit you for your new projects and the implementation of new ideas. Two sizes can be used on any embroidery machine.
Machine embroidery of flowers is always a necessary thing in any embroidery library.


bunga on
Absolutely loved it thank you. Birthday Hat I made with the design!! Love it!!
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Note: Commercial use of our machine embroidery designs. Designs listed on this page you can use in your business. You can embroider, and sell embroidered products. Change designs of your own choice. Add or remove various design elements. Use together with inscriptions or other designs.

Limitation. Production of not more than 100 embroidered items. If you want to produce products with our designs in greater quantities - please contact us.


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