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Phrases and words embroidery designs

Be happy free machine embroidery design


Size: 100 x 56 mm, 3.94' x 2.22'

Colors; 4

Stitches: 6036

Digitizer: Igor Denisov


Size: 120 x 68 mm, 4.72' x 2.66'

Colors; 4

Stitches: 7231

Digitizer: Igor Denisov



Small cases for mobile phone and keys. Excellent work of our user. Simple and elegant, it is able to turn an ordinary product into an original gift. The author applied the original color solution using a thread with transient colors.

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Free machine embroidery design for summer t-shirts or a small cushion for a country house. Embroidery is compatible with any embroidery machine. Any formats for instant download are available. Can be used for commercial purposes.

Embroidery on clothes does not give up the position and is still in demand among many women of fashion. We will tell a little background of embroidery for clothes. Initially, embroidery was used as a guard against evil spirits, and, of course, as a badge of the rich. Since ancient times and even before looking at the clothes of a man, people could determine his estate. At the same time, wealthy estates could afford not just embroidery, but also embroidery in gold. Yes, previously used natural gold in threads, now it's gold-plated metallized threads that allow you to save on embroidery.

Who may need free machine embroidery.

There is a huge variety of embroidery techniques, embroidery is popular with embroidery, cross, richelieu and of course embroidery in gold. Depending on the design direction, the technique of computer embroidery is applied. Next, we give examples of the application of types of embroidery. Cross-stitch embroidery is more suitable for light fabrics and those fabrics that are applicable for sundresses. Richelieu is applicable for curtains, and lacy underwear. Embroidery with gold threads is more festive and applied for gift accessories, pillows, pendants, etc. Be happy free embroidery with a smooth can be applied more widely, we can say that it is the most versatile of all types of embroidery. Applicable smooth for a wide range of products of women's clothing, children's, baseball caps, logos, T-shirts, polo can list for a long, truly universal embroidery technology.

Usually fabrics from 100% cotton are used for embroidery on T-shirts, polo, these are the most common fabrics chosen for embroidery. The heaviest of the types of fabrics chosen for application is knitwear due to its elasticity. As decorative elements, beads, ribbons, rhinestones are used.

Commercial embroidery.

Individuality wants to possess and the company, one of the kinds of uniqueization of the company is the sewing of promo clothes, uniforms. Embroidery on corporate clothes is used in educational institutions, medical centers, cafes, restaurants, the scope of application is extensive. More and more often companies order embroidery of logos, on our site you can just see those companies that trust us branding their company.

Note: Commercial use of our machine embroidery designs. Designs listed on this page you can use in your business. You can embroider, and sell embroidered products. Change designs of your own choice. Add or remove various design elements. Use together with inscriptions or other designs.

Limitation. Production of not more than 100 embroidered items. If you want to produce products with our designs in greater quantities - please contact us.