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Sea theme free machine embroidery collection

Sea ship free embroidery design


Size: 127 x 157 mm, 5.00' x 6.18'

Colors; 11

Stitches: 15193



A great beautiful Sea ship design for a marine theme for home decor or creating a summer T-shirt with sea symbols. Embroidery has many small elements. We do not recommend the use of a fabric with a pile or terry towels.
Note: The design is not compatible with machines having a hoop 4 x 4 or less. Increase the design decrease by no more than 10-15%.
In photos taken by other users, you can see different uses: pillows, baby t-shirts.
An excellent use case may be to add a design to a popular inscription on a marine theme or the name of a child.
Stabilizer of medium density, depending on the type of fabric you use.
Other designs on the sea or pirate theme you can find here

Posted by susforsell on
Thank you very much
Posted by vincysewer on
thanks a million
Posted by wesey on
Thank You
Posted by Sewcrazy1961 on
The down load doesnt work. :-(
Posted by Support on
We check all work. Please check your browser. Enabled JAVA ?
Posted by RGassen on
Beautiful. Thanks so much.
Posted by pinemeadows on
Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you!
Posted by outback43 on
this stitches out so Beautiful, thank you*
Posted by khendren on
Love the design, but when I tried to download Adobe would not take the design. I am not good with computers so can you tell me why it would not take the download or how I can get it? Thank you for any help you can give me.
Posted by Support on
khendren Adobe? We not understand. Adobe is not embroidery software. Just need choose format, download to your hard drive, after that copy to USB syicj or send to embroidery machine.
Posted by ashiecat on
Thank you!
Posted by melunk on
I just downloaded it, I had to hold down my shift key so that my virus program would not block it. and it downloaded without a problem.
Posted by Karen4 on
Thank you
Posted by mad14kt on
Posted by DOTTY13 on
Posted by graciemj on
Thank you very much, love your work.
Posted by jofrid on
love it, thanks
Posted by sproetje on
thank you stits bautiful y love it
Posted by eqstrn on
Love the ship. Thank you.
Is their a color sheet?
Posted by MtnLady on
LOVE LOVE THIS!! Does it come in a 4x4 pes? I hope so!
Posted by wojo42 on
Where is the color chart? How can I download it?
Posted by wojo42 on
Where is the color chart? How can I download it?
Posted by dawnmrush on
Love this!! It stitched out great!
Posted by ChristineV on
Thank you very much !!
Posted by Anhorn on
vielen dank
Posted by BENABDELLAH on
j'ai broder ce bateaux, il est magnifique
merci beaucoup
Posted by collie92 on
I can download the file for brother pes but it won't open.
Posted by Support on
collie92: Where in embroidery machine or software?
Posted by Pircy on
thank you very much
Posted by Pircy on
thank you very much
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A beautiful original, and most importantly, free design of machine embroidery on a marine theme. As you can see in the photos of our users, the design application has ample opportunities. T-shirts and bags, pillows and napkins. All of them can be decorated with a design giving it a style of sea romance. Design of medium density. It is necessary to use a stabilizer with a density of at least 60 grams per m2. Not compatible with the hoop less than 5x 7 inches. Change in size is no more than 10%.

Machine embroidery designs on clothes.

Embroidery on the sea themes on clothes is one of the most popular topics, since the use of embroidery on different products will create an original product, it can also be an excellent gift or souvenir. Machine embroidery has many advantages, which will be discussed below.

Textile is called matter, which was made from soft threads of vegetable, animal, artificial or synthetic fibers woven with a weaving loom into the canvas. The history of the creation of textiles goes back to the distant past, since it originated at the beginning of the way of human existence. At first, only natural fibers were used - wool, linen, silk or cotton. Then came the most diverse and interesting types of textiles, although the production schemes did not change. The scheme is simple: making - spinning - creativity.

Sea theme embroidery designs.

After people learned to use textiles, they began to decorate it, to give additional personality to the owner. The easiest way was exactly embroidery. At that time, this laborious robot required a lot of attention and time, so it was very expensive and showed the owner's wealth. To emphasize the special status, the owners decorated clothes with embroidery, household items - tablecloths, curtains, scarves, towels and bed linens.

Beautiful embroidery with a sailor gives the usual white tablecloth a beautiful festive look, and lace embroidery on the curtains creates a special cozy atmosphere. If you make embroidery on bed linen, it will create a unique style for the whole bedroom as a whole, scarves and embroidered towels will not only be practical part, but also can become a beautiful gift for your loved ones.

Modern technologies have made it possible to significantly reduce the cost of embroidery on textiles, and significantly accelerate this process. Now, to get a unique ornament on textiles, you need to buy an embroidery machine and the necessary materials (threads and stabilizers) and in a few days get a ready high-quality result. Previously, the big embroidery took months, and sometimes even years.

Machine embroidery on clothes is a good choice for those who need to emphasize their individuality and prestige. In order to order embroidery, you need to connect with representatives on the phones mentioned above.