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Cat like read book free machine embroidery design

Size: 200 x 115 mm, 7.87' x 4.54'

Colors; 3 Stitches: 5981



shyama on
how do i get my machine to read the fine after i transfer it over. its not showing the pattern on the screen
antonio on
The data has to please Need a color chart sulky
maizah on
Hi! I tried to download a few free embroidery designs but it apears the message: the arhive is either in unknown format or demaged. Unknown is not because is a rar format and I try to open it with winrar. I just wanna know if it\'s possible to download any file in this site. Thank You!
maizah on
Oh sorry, i fix my mistake. Have a good day!
Sirois on
j'aime votre site à bient0t
Audrey52 on
Can never get the free ones on here is it even possible ?
terrielliott on
Having problems trying to download designs, how do I?
Support on
Choose embroidery format and download.
A1acsonya on
Will this fit in a 5x7 hoom
emery on
Cant get free design?
emery on
Got the download but how do I save it so I can use again.....
emery on
Chose my format, no download button
teachva1st on
I teach reading and I love this cat!
scvoter on
need download button - thanks!
lindav on
I love this one, I was a math teacher, I would have had a shirt for school back then. Thanks for making so many adorable poses with that cat, by the way, does the cat have a name?
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Literary Feline Delight

Embark on a whimsical adventure with our charming Cat Like Read Book Free Machine Embroidery Design. This enchanting pattern captures the endearing moment of a curious cat discovering the magic of literature, igniting a sense of joy and wonder in every stitch. The intricate details and captivating elements bring this heartwarming scene to life, transforming any fabric into an irresistible work of art.

Unleash Your Inner Storyteller

Embrace your love for embroidery and storytelling with our delightful Cat Like Read Book Design. Perfect for artists and embroiderers of all skill levels, this versatile pattern invites you to explore the enchanting world of colors and textures, unleashing your creative potential. The easy-to-follow guidance ensures a fulfilling and spellbinding experience as you craft a truly unique and heartwarming masterpiece.

A Magical Gift for Book Lovers

Delight the bookworm in your life with an enchanting and unforgettable gift – the Cat Like Read Book Free Machine Embroidery Design. This captivating pattern will charm anyone who appreciates the beauty of literature and the adorable curiosity of cats. Present it as a pattern or as a completed embroidered piece, and watch their eyes twinkle with joy and appreciation.


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