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Christmas Candle free machine embroidery design

Size: 99 x 116 mm, 3.91' x 4.57'

Colors; 2 Stitches: 18697

Digitizer: Igor Denisov



lizann on
I cannot download this design because each time I click on Brother: pes, Marilyn download appears.
Support on
Problem fixed. Please try again.
kokomoquilter on
I seem to be having trouble importing this design into my pe design programme to add my sons name below to embroider in 1 hoop. it keeps coming up unexpected file format? not sure if you can help, many thanks
hellenwalter on
Everything downloaded perfectly. Have a great New Year ! ! !
JadeDragonbones on
Yes, I was impatient. I have the design now. Thank you!
KrisRhoades on
When do i get the link to download my designs? I would like to do them for xmas.
Support on
Please look to top and found Block "Files@ Choose your embroidery format and click left mouse button for download. All files not zipped.
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Christmas Candle: A Free Embroidery Design to Spark Your Holiday Spirit

Our Christmas Candle free embroidery design is here to add a warm and festive touch to your holiday season. This design, beautifully crafted and detailed, exudes the essence of Christmas, making it the perfect addition to your holiday creations.

The Symbolism of the Christmas Candle

The Christmas Candle design resonates with the joy, warmth, and light that the holiday season brings. Candles, as symbols of hope and goodwill, have always been associated with Christmas, and this design encapsulates these sentiments, promising to add a rich, symbolic value to your creations.

A Versatile Addition to Your Holiday Decor

This Christmas Candle design is a versatile piece that blends seamlessly into any fabric. It could be a splendid addition to a table runner, a charming detail on a Christmas stocking, or a festive touch to your holiday cushions. The possibilities are endless, and the outcome is always delightful!

The Magic is in the Details

What sets our Christmas Candle design apart is the attention to detail in the design. The intricate stitching creates an image that almost flickers with life. The flame's golden glow, the candle's rich texture, and the holly leaves' vibrant green all contribute to the design's realism and festive charm.

In conclusion, our Christmas Candle free embroidery design is more than just a festive illustration. It is an embodiment of the Christmas spirit — hope, joy, and warmth. Incorporating this design into your holiday projects not only enhances their aesthetic appeal but also infuses them with the magic of the season. Create, share, and spread the festive cheer!


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