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Happy Easter free embroidery design 3

Size: 119 x 92 mm, 4.69' x 3.62'

Colors; 4 Stitches: 14177

Digitizer: Igor Denisov


Size: 139 x 107 mm, 5.48' x 4.23'

Colors; 4 Stitches: 17227



ossielee on
Please can you explain how to download free designs as I cant seem to do it! I have a Janome 350E so they would need to be in a JeFF format
Support on
What and where problem you have? Choose size and formats. Simple click formats and download. Please send more informaton via Contact us form.
Vanaja on
I have just tried to save this Easter embroideyr. My computer tells me this is NOT a grade A or B Art formatted logo and will give poor results. I need some help here. What’s the deal, can you send me a better quality “bunny”
Support on
Specify what model of embroidery machine you have. There is no need to overwrite this project in grade a and B. These associations are only needed to edit the design. For embroidery need only option C
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