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Fish on free embroidery design


Size: 99 x 55 mm, 3.91' x 2.16'

Colors; 1

Stitches: 3149

Digitizer: Igor Denisov


Size: 119 x 66 mm, 4.7' x 2.59'

Colors; 1

Stitches: 3852



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Designs for men.

A lot of embroidery designs can be used by women. Much smaller designs for men. But they are. Here is a concrete example. Machine embroidery design for fishing enthusiasts. A very simple, one-color project with a stylized inscription with two hooks. The opportunity to decorate a new summer T-shirt or a baseball cap of her husband. Gladdenize him with your new masterpiece. Compatible with any vyshyvanny machine. The use of a stabilizer is not required.

Machine embroidery designs on T-shirts.

Popular is embroidery on T-shirts or T-shirts. With its help, they become brighter, more expressive. More often T-shirts with embroidery are decorated with a logo and used for sports uniforms, overalls. The inscriptions on the clothes, made by embroidery, emphasize the color and texture of the fabric, highlight its owner due to improved aesthetic properties. For embroidery use pockets, the upper back, the front surface at the chest level.

Embroidery on jeans.

Embroidery on jeans is more often used to decorate women's clothing, men do not perceive such design. Pants can be "blossomed" with bright patterns, embroidered individual flowers, asterisks or completely filled, for example, one leg. The figure decorates the jeans, emphasizes the slender legs. Popular places of application - pockets (rear and front), front part of trousers, bottom edge, seat belt.


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