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Summer evening with candle free embroidery design

Size:58 x 99 mm, 2.3' x 3.591'

Colors; 6 Stitches: 7472 

Digitizer: Igor Denisov


Size: 82 x 139 mm, 3.22 x 5.49'

Colors; 6 Stitches: 11008



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Whisking You Away to Warm Summer Nights

Imagine a balmy summer evening, the kind where you can still feel the day's warmth on your skin, and the faintest hint of a breeze plays with your hair. As dusk approaches, the world is bathed in a soft, rosy hue, and everything feels right. This is the essence of the Summer Evening Candle free embroidery design, a gentle reminder of those perfect summer moments.

Illuminate Your Projects

This delicate and intricate design, featuring a beautifully rendered candle, brings the quiet glow of summer nights right to your fabric. Whether it’s for an evening gown or a simple pillowcase, it adds a touch of romance and magic.


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