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Spring is always in the heart free embroidery design

Size: 138 x 196 mm, 5.45' x 7.70'

Colors; 9 Stitches: 18051

Digitizer: JBLON



Clarice on
how do I get the color chart for this
Brenda56 on
Thank you so much and sorry for any inconvenience.
crudis on
Have a wonderful day,
DeeBee on
I was wondering if this could be done in a smaller size. I would love it in about half the size that you have it here.
jmarino on
I'm still having problems getting the pes file to open on my Brother LB-6800. It shows that it is transferring and takes up space on my machine, but doesn't allow me to see or select the design to stitch. I am an advanced user of my machine. It the rare occasion that this happens, most digitizers have to go back into the design and resave it.
Thanks for your help.
maizah on
Asking again if I can get this to fit my 4x4\" hoop in PES format.
maizah on
If just the file DST has tested in the machine. It is too big. It must be reduced. All files PES of the cat do not go. I have the Brother Innovis 750 e. I need the DST File. It works on the machine. All PES Files of the cat are not working. I think, when we reduced the DST File, than is the problem away.
islander on
I have download the Spring design. I\'ve downloaded it and saved it on to my USB, but unable to view it on my machine. However, the free designs downloaded are able to view. I have tried to download and save again many times and still fail to view.
islander on
Don't worry all ok.. problem resolved. My mistake..
amyr8012 on
Where do I find the color chart for the Fantastic Butterfly - Night and Day Embroidery? I know that I have just overlooked it, but would you please point me in the correct direction? Thanks. I love the design.
amyr8012 on
Oops. i found it. Happy New Year!
outback43 on
Very beautiful design and stitched out beautifully, thank you, Linda
Saintpati on
Thank you!
new2this on
this one need to be just a little bit smaller too! to fit inside a 140x140 hoop!
outback43 on
thank you, it stitches wonderfully*
FayLock on
I have this design on my sewing tote - nothing but complements EVERYWHERE I take it!! Thank you to the designer for such an awesome design!
gmohr on
Lovely, thank you
pattipoo on
one of the prettiest when made, it is gorgeous
mia1961 on
What colours would I use when you use black material please
Support on
mia1961: change black thread color to white.
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