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Rose of Winds free embroidery design

Size: 130 x 126 mm, 5.30' x 4.96'

Colors; 3 Stitches: 14098


Size: 181 x 176 mm, 7.12' x 6.92'

Colors; 3 Stitches: 18604



Stylish and beautiful design with sea symbols. It is very important that this is a free design of machine embroidery. It is good for decorating a summer T-shirt or forging. It's also good to look at a beach towel.


jacksgirl on
So nice !!! Thank you.
Susie2shoes on
Lovely thank you.
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A little bit about embroidered pillows.

Cushion with free machine embroidery has become an integral part of a comfortable sleep. This bedding serves to support the head during the rest. In addition to practical use, the pillow has become part of the decor of the premises, it serves as a complement to the comfort of sitting on the couch, in the car, in the chair.
 Initially, only wealthy and wealthy people could own pillows, and the first pillows were from ancient Egypt. The opportunity to decorate a pillow and make art works from it was used in China, and later in Europe.
 In China, the traditional pillow is an unusual device for our look. In the form of a solid stand of rectangular shape, made of stone, metal, wood, porcelain.
In the old days, cushions were filled with hay, straw, and later with feathers.
 Modern pillow - it's a variety of sizes, you can choose a rectangular pillow, a round, make a pillow of an individual shape is also not difficult. The material from which pillows and fillings are made is also wide and varied.

Cushion with a  machine embroidery design.

Whatever function the pillow is carrying, we suggest decorating it with machine embroidery. Pillow with Rose of Winds embroidery is an original gift. The pillow itself is a great field for placing any corporate symbolism, an original inscription or any necessary drawing. The cushion with embroidery came and firmly took its place as promotional gifts due to its low cost, practicality and accessibility.

Decorative pillow - a complement to any interior.

Decorative pillows on so much firmly entered our everyday life, that sometimes you already understand how you can without them. Decorative pillow with embroidery is a perfect addition to any sofa, armchair, chair.

Note: Commercial use of our machine embroidery designs. Designs listed on this page you can use in your business. You can embroider, and sell embroidered products. Change designs of your own choice. Add or remove various design elements. Use together with inscriptions or other designs.

Limitation. Production of not more than 100 embroidered items. If you want to produce products with our designs in greater quantities - please contact us.


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