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Piglet letter C free machine embroidery design

Size: 98 x 93 mm, 3.89' x 3.66'

Colors; 15 Stitches: 16126

Digitizer: Igor Denisov



Lilys on
I need to embroider the designs today...is there any way I can download them now?
Support on
Please look right side, You see embroidery formats list. Choose and download. Most popular embroidery formats available for instant download.
pcasmuth on
very nice ,thanks very much
crybaby6 on
Cute,cute,love him.Thank you ever so much.Dee
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Bring to Life Beloved Childhood Memories

Dive into the magic of crafting with our Piglet Thinking Machine Embroidery Design. This design isn't just about creating an adorable image; it's about capturing the nostalgia and charm of the beloved children's story.

Turn Everyday Items into Whimsical Adventures

With our Piglet Thinking Embroidery Design, any fabric can become an enchanting storybook page. Whether it's your child's blanket, a favorite shirt, or a cozy pillow, this design brings a touch of Hundred Acre Wood to your home. You're not just crafting; you're creating joy.

Effortless and Fun for All Skill Levels

No matter if you're an experienced embroiderer or a beginner, our design is straightforward and delightful to use. We offer clear instructions and support, enabling you to confidently create a playful masterpiece. It's about making your crafting experience as charming as the end product.

Delight in the Details of Our Design

Our Piglet Thinking Design is filled with intricate details that bring Piglet to life. Each stitch adds to a thoughtful expression that will ignite the imagination and warm the hearts of both children and adults. Embroidery is more than just a craft; it's a way to weave stories and memories into everyday life. With our Piglet Thinking Machine Embroidery Design, you can recreate a piece of a timeless tale. It's more than a design; it's a cherished memory in stitches!


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