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My editor free machine embroidery software

New Updated Release of “Experience Embroidery Software”:

My editor
My editor is absolutely free of cost editing software. Its innovative features and functions are designed in such a way that the supported embroidery files can be viewed, modified and saved again in any of the existing stitching formats. This is a wonderful tool for all those users who wish to make any uncomplicated change in their embroidery designs. It enables the user to view their designs with original thread colors, making alterations and adding the information’s on their own.” My editor free machine embroidery softwareMy editor free embroidery software has an added advantage of extra browsing and saving capabilities, with more options of better production and textile management.
Features of My editor free embroidery software:
NGO files can be opened and edited.
These files can be opened and saved to various embroidery machine file formats with no trouble.
It is a complete package of advanced stitch editing. It can perform below mention functions.
1. It can do single and multiple stitching.
2. Stitches can be inserted.
3. Stitches can also be replaced.
4. If any editing is required, stitches can be edited.
For visualizing the finishing result 3D preview of the embroidery design with warped strand can be used.
Designs can also be viewed in My editor software by using various threads used in the software.
Embroidery process replication with replicating the frame movement is possible.
Designs can be rotated and resized accordingly.
Eye –catching embroidery designs can be formed with Array tools.
Special functions like thread trim, stop, sequin, applique, needle up etc. are available.
Application of special function on any stitch or application of multiple stitches accordingly is possible.
Changing of machine embroidery designs, size, shape or adding any particular sequin is likely.
Embroidery files can be sent through the email automatically.
Important and needful designs can be kept in the store for future use.
Full-fledge print –outs can be obtained of the designs.
Exports of the embroidery designs in .jpg, .png,.tiff,or .bmp image files can be done.
Open embroidery designs can be merged with copy and paste functions.
Advanced search options of embroidery design database is an extra benefit.
Embroidery sequence of the design can be viewed whenever required.
Density of the stitch files can be adjusted in the stitch files like .dst,.pes,.hus etc. when resizing is done.
Special free embroidery designs and colors can be chosen through the special functions.
Workspaces are customizable based on preferences, Toolbars and dockable rollups can be dragged anywhere on the screen.
Colors and thickness of the outlines can be customized.My Editor embroidery software main screen
Auto Pan Function lets the user view his design by a mouse click only. Left click is for end panning and middle click is to switch to mouse pan mode.
Guidelines can be applied from all zones i.e., vertically, horizontally, circularly and diagonally.
Editing tools for cutting, copying, pasting, ungrouping, grouping is present.
Abundant shades of thread palettes are present to give a complete new look to the design.
Custom thread color palettes can be created based on the requirement.
Image map toolbar is a remarkable feature to change the viewport and navigate the different areas of the designs.
Start and end point of the designs can be changed.
It can also eliminate zero length stitches by specifying the length of the embroidery.
Complete manual is available in .PDF file format while the online manual can be accessed through help > content dialogue.

Hardware requirement:

CPU should be 1.5 GHz Intel or AMD 32 bit (*86) processor.
1 GB OF RAM is minimum requirement.
At least 800 MB of hard disk with free uncompressed space is needed.
CD ROM should be of 4x.
3D AGP accelerator with direct X9.0c,32 bit color and minimum 32 MB of RAM is needed in Graphics Card.
1024 x 768 32 bpp is minimum requirement for the monitor resolution.
Windows 2000/XP/Media Center /Tablet PC/Vista /7 are the Operating Systems on which this software can be downloaded.

However it is RECOMMENDED -

CPU should be 2.0+ GHz Intel or AMD 32 bit (*86) processor.
2 GB OF RAM is minimum requirement
Hard disk is fine with 800 MB of uncompressed space.
CD ROM should be of 32X.
3D PCI express accelerator with direct X9.0c, compatible drivers and minimum 512 MB of RAM in Graphic Cards are required.
1280 x 1024 of monitor resolution is good for the software.
And it is advisable that Operating System should be Windows XP (with service pack 3 or later) or Vista TM or 7.
Windows compatible Laser Inkjet printer is recommended with the above mentioned Operating System.
Upgraded Version: My editor TM software gives support to the latest .NGS file format. The existing as well as the new users are advised to use the latest versions of “Experience 5 “or “Wings Modular 5 software “.
Registration is a must to download this software. A correct email address is mandatory to receive the link. The user when clicks on the link, his software start running.

How to Install:

Before initiating, make sure that the user meets minimum hardware requirement.>
Click on the link sent to the email and download the machine embroidery software.
Save it on your PC accordingly.
Open the “my editor zip file” and extract the “set up.exe” from inside.
Run the “set up.exe” by double clicking on the file name.
Follow the instructions to install my editor
After the installation is finished, my editor can be run from the shortcut in the start menu.
Select –start>all programmes>my editor>OR from my editor shortcut on the desktop.
This free embroidery software is not at all difficult to use. I have downloaded it 12 hours ago and love playing with it. I am also instructing one of my friends about this wonderful software .It’s very easy to use. The tools are very simple and can be learned in no time. The template print outs and the color combinations are working splendidly. It’s so easy to change the shades and designs of the embroideries .Thanks to those who invented such a miraculous software .I have referred “my editor TM software “to some of my friends who love stitching .Now we can spend hours playing with it sitting at our home. It will help you earn a lot of money by being creative. I am sure this is a wonderful tool for not only me and my friends, but all the users who will be using it in future.

Download free machine embroidery software Wings 6 my editor


JanCollings on
Thanks. A new computer made me download this again. A great program, much appreciated.
kyriak on
Can someone please explain why the new version does not recognise pes files. Thae older version did. Have I done something wrong. I followed instructions and installed okay ?? Help??
Sew4him on
Hello. This is the first time I downloaded the software. It works perfectly! Kyriak, please uninstall the software. Reboot your computer then redownload the software. When installing it don't be in a hurry to click through the screens. If you click the first option on the software to install, it will not let you look at PES files. Click the middle one that includes ALL embroidery types of files. Then click next and when you bring up the program, you will click the down arrow button to bring up all files you want to look at. Click your browse button and choose the pes file folder where you have your files you want to bring up and each one will individually come up. Each file will be color separated on the right so you can see what threads you will need, etc. Hope this helps! Becka :)
kyriak on
Sew4him,what a gracious person you are to take time out to answer my question. I thank you And will give this a go. May your future be a bright one and your generocity always be appreciated.
kyriak on
Ps. For others this software is awesome. I know very little about computers, but this program is user friendly and I'm still learning more every day. Thanks guys for making it FREE.
lynncoombs5 on
hi I have just downloaded this software, it is working well but can I add and edit text with it? thanks
felixpublishing on
Help, I cannot even find where it is to download the designs that I have bought.

The helpful advice was no help at all,
Vickie62 on
Will this work on Windows 10?
Vickie62 on
Will this work on Windows 10?
SusanDavid on
Just installed on Windows10 without any problem. Great piece of software. Thank you sooooo much!
angelique82 on
i can't use the software. when i try to open an embroidery file i have the error "could not start 3D. Please check your settings in 3D properties and retry".
i went to tools>options and tried different things but still i have this error. what should i do ??
(the files i tried to open usually work fine on other softwares)
Karfiol on
здравствуйте, я скачала программу а файлы форматом ART в ней не открываются
Karfiol on
hello, I downloaded the program and files the ART format in it do not open
Support on
Karfiol ART формат она не поддерживает. Это или Wilcom или Bernina
elviracrusi on
buonasera, non riesco a scaricare il programma, mi da un messaggio di errore dicendomi che un'altro programma sta usando wizard. cosa dovrei fare? grazie
greenwadec on
Hello, I downloaded the program and it changed all my files to NGS. Now I can't tell them apart. When I unzip the embroidery files they use to say ART, PES, HUS, JEF. but since downloading the program it changed them to NGS. How can I fix this?
SLWeaver on
lilsimp on
to greenwadec and SLWeaver - did you ever figure out your issue with my editor changing your files to NGS? It just happened to me as well !
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