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Napkin with FSL embroidery designs

This is Full step by step instruction , how we napkins. For this wonderful project we using our FSl set. Which you can download here Cutwork embroidery project

Project author and digitizer. Marina Belova

The machine embroidery design represents the self-closed wreath which is embroidered with a set of the files attached to each other.

Cutwork machine embroidery design

To embroider a napkin or a tablecloth of a certain size it is necessary to take it from necessary quantity of motifs and four corners:

Cutwork machine embroidery design

The scheme and way of embroidery of this napkin and any other product will be absolutely identical. Four files are required:

1. The first corner is the separate file (first) – green on the scheme.
2. Motifs (border) – red on the scheme. On the long side of a napkin the motif repeats two times, on short - one.
3. Three other corners of a napkin are one file (corner) – blue color on the scheme
4. Closing design a motif (end) – pink color on the scheme.

Calculation of the size of any of the parties of future product is made according to the scheme (without natural tightening of fabric in the course of embroidery):
L=9.4 cm (short side of angle) + 17.4 cm (long side of angle) + necessary quantity of motifs x 16 cm (motif length)
In my case the long party of a napkin turned out such: L1=9.4+17.4+2x16=58.8 cm
Length of the short party: L2=9.4+17.4+x16=42.8 cm
Fabric need to be taken more than this settlement size – for convenience of hooping. I add always on the average the 5-10 cm on rectangle perimeter.

Before embroidery fabric to iron out and draw on it the rectangle received at calculation, having receded at the edges inside on the allowance size evenly from four parties. In addition for a reference point in hooping it is possible to draw still cross lines which will help to hoop more exactly. Between these lines make distance approximately the 14-15th. On all these marked lines it will be necessary to be guided at hooping.
The scheme of a marking of fabric of my example such (for all other sizes it will be very similar):

Cutwork scheme embroidery design


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