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Deer head embroidery design

$2.69 USD
Sizes: mm     inch     Stitches:
  1. 81 × 127 mm    3.19 × 5"    25742
  2. 89 × 140 mm    3.5 × 5.51"    28932
  3. 95 × 149 mm    3.74 × 5.87"    31489
  4. 101 × 159 mm    3.98 × 6.26"    34285
  5. 114 × 180 mm    4.49 × 7.09"    40651
Colors: 2

Tags: head, deer, forest


Available formats
Bernina: art (version 2 - 3)*, exp. Brother: pec, pes, phc. Janome: jef, jef+.jp Melco: exp. Husqvarna/PFAFF: vip, vp3, vp4 Tajima/Barudan: dst, dsb. Husqvarna: hus, shv. Singer: xxx.
Color palette:Embird: edr, rgb, txt. * Bernina version 4-5 (art50) Grade C.
Short information About product This is not patch, only digital product, not physical: After purchase embroidery by embroideres.com, files available - Instant download. Behind payment Sign in into account, Get access Order History into menu
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Leather purse with machine embroidery. Such a simple embroidery will make any product original. Embroidering on the skin is not easy, but the author - a professional company easily copes with this work.
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Another beautiful stylish female leather backpack. Great professional work. Single-color matched in tone machine embroidery color. Such a thing will definitely become a unique element of your image.
You can repeat this work or make your own with our project which you will find on this page.
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Leather backpack with machine embroidery. Large, beautiful. And very stylish. For every day, but with such a backpack is not ashamed to go on a trip or will appear on the day the birth of a friend. It looks really expensive even without machine embroidery. And with our deer design in general it's just gorgeous. Embroidery on the skin is not an easy task. It is necessary to take into account many different parameters. And the main thing is to have an embroidery machine that will cope with this issue and quality soft leather. The authors of the project did not embroider the first layer. This they have reduced the time of work and the number of threads. The color of the thread is matched to the color of the skin. It looks very harmonious.

Bags with embroidery.

When did the bags with embroidery appear at all? Who now will remember! I wanted a woman to decorate the bag with embroidery - that's the fashion!

Already in ancient times noble ladies vied for the title of owner of the most beautiful handbag. Then the embroiderers and jewelers tried! Handbag with Deer head machine embroidery could cost a fortune! Especially when it came to the wardrobe of royalty. But even ordinary people did not lag behind: girls and women in all countries extended beautiful patterns with everything that comes to hand. Another thing is that a simple girl bag was not needed then ... More and more baskets were used.

But already in the XX century, emancipation has stepped on the planet, and since then it is impossible to imagine a modern lady without a handbag. There are great couturiers and just small manufacturers and embarked on embroidery. For example, bags with embroidery from Dolche Gabbana are known all over the world!

Machine embroidery allows any woman to acquire an exclusive thing and create her own style. Buy embroidery on bags is the best way to take care of your image. Please!

Leather bag with embroidery.

Leather bags are popular with everyone. Can I decorate them with embroidery? Yes!

We perfectly embroider on the leather. The only difficulty is to have access to the embroidery needle. Therefore, it is better to decorate the details of the cut, and then sew a handbag from them. But you can also embroider it on a ready-made bag. Send us a photo so that we can tell if embroidery is possible in your case. If not, do not be discouraged, we will make a patch for you! It can be attached to any place!

A leather bag with embroidery can be an expression of your style: classical or country, Russian or Baroque, it's up to you! Very popular, for example, bags with Ukrainian embroidery. If you want to express your identity and create your own style, then making embroidery on bags is a serious step to achieve these goals.

Buy machine embroidery on bags

When you order embroidery according to your sketch, you pay for the design of the machine embroidery. You can save money if you buy the embroidery on the bag by the design already available for us, because in that case you pay only for the application.

To buy such an embroidery, just choose in our portfolio the picture that you like. Just consider the fact that you can only scale embroidery within 10%. If you want to make embroidery smaller or larger, you will have to create a new design.

Embroidery on backpacks.

For those who prefer a sporty style, embroidery on backpacks will be a good helper. Embroider on the backpack valve sports logo, the original picture, the names of your favorite bands - a great way to stand out. The main thing is to have access to the part of the backpack on which you want to do the embroidery. If this is not possible, stripes will come to the rescue. They can be made as velcro, and sewn or glued to the backpack, brightly decorating it or securely hiding the shabby places. Embroidery on backpacks is your chance to become visible and original!

If you go camping with friends or just on a picnic, the plaid with embroidery on order will be an excellent addition to the backpack. Create your mood with embroidery!

Branded backpacks will be useful for carrying out promo actions and creating an image. You can give a backpack with a logo to clients or employees or make a valuable prize in your competition.


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