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Dog-rose flowers embroidery design

$1.99 USD
Sizes: mm     inch     Stitches:
  1. 87 × 100 mm    3.43 × 3.94"    17746
  2. 96 × 110 mm    3.78 × 4.33"    20015
  3. 104 × 120 mm    4.09 × 4.72"    22385
  4. 113 × 130 mm    4.45 × 5.12"    24874
  5. 122 × 140 mm    4.8 × 5.51"    27112
Colors: 8

Available formats
Bernina: art (version 2 - 3)*, exp. Brother: pec, pes, phc. Janome: jef, jef+.jp Melco: exp. Husqvarna/PFAFF: vip, vp3, vp4 Tajima/Barudan: dst, dsb. Husqvarna: hus, shv. Singer: xxx.
Color palette:Embird: edr, rgb, txt. * Bernina version 4-5 (art50) Grade C.
Short information About product This is not patch, only digital product, not physical: After purchase embroidery by embroideres.com, files available - Instant download. Behind payment Sign in into account, Get access Order History into menu
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JenniferSteele on
Detailed instructions, super easy! Stitched perfectly! LOVE this design and especially this shop!! Love it!
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Embrace the Beauty of Dog Rose Flowers in Your Creations

Add a Touch of Nature's Elegance with Dog Rose Flowers Embroidery

Are you passionate about bringing the beauty of nature into your creative projects? Look no further than our enchanting Dog Rose Flowers Embroidery Design. This design captures the delicate charm and elegance of dog rose flowers, allowing you to infuse your creations with a touch of natural beauty and timeless appeal.

A Blossoming Symphony of Dog Rose Flowers

Imagine the grace of dog rose flowers blooming on your fabric, creating a mesmerizing symphony of colors and shapes. Our Dog Rose Flowers Embroidery Design showcases the intricate details of these exquisite blossoms, from the delicate petals to the winding stems. With every stitch, you'll witness the artistry of nature coming to life.

Versatility That Inspires Creativity

The versatility of our Dog Rose Flowers Embroidery Design knows no bounds. Whether you're working on a garment, home decor item, or accessory, this design will seamlessly blend with your vision. Let your imagination soar as you explore the countless ways to incorporate these stunning flowers into your embroidery projects.

Effortless Beauty with Every Stitch

Creating stunning embroidery doesn't have to be complicated. With our Dog Rose Flowers Embroidery Design, you can effortlessly add beauty and sophistication to your creations. The design is carefully digitized to ensure smooth stitching and precise detailing, allowing you to achieve professional-quality results with ease.


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