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Infinity rainbow feathers embroidery design

$2.89 USD

Add a Splash of Vibrancy with the Infinity Rainbow Feathers Embroidery Design

The "Infinity Rainbow Feathers" embroidery design is a breathtaking representation of the boundless beauty of nature and color. This stunning design, filled with a vibrant spectrum of hues, captures the delicate intricacy of feathers and weaves them into an infinite symbol, making it an extraordinary addition to your collection of embroidery machine designs.

Sizes: mm     inch     Stitches:
  1. 138 × 79 mm    5.43 × 3.11"    13693
  2. 149 × 85 mm    5.87 × 3.35"    14924
  3. 158 × 90 mm    6.22 × 3.54"    16317
  4. 168 × 96 mm    6.61 × 3.78"    17665
  5. 178 × 101 mm    7.01 × 3.98"    18930
  6. 198 × 113 mm    7.8 × 4.45"    21892
  7. 238 × 136 mm    9.37 × 5.35"    28974
Colors: 26

Available formats
Bernina: art (version 2 - 3)*, exp. Brother: pec, pes, phc. Janome: jef, jef+.jp Melco: exp. Husqvarna/PFAFF: vip, vp3, vp4 Tajima/Barudan: dst, dsb. Husqvarna: hus, shv. Singer: xxx.
Color palette:Embird: edr, rgb, txt. * Bernina version 4-5 (art50) Grade C.
Short information About product This is not patch, only digital product, not physical: After purchase embroidery by embroideres.com, files available - Instant download. Behind payment Sign in into account, Get access Order History into menu
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A Beautiful Harmony of Color and Symbolism Embroidery

Embroidery design is more than just a visual delight; it's a symbolic representation of infinity, freedom diversity, embodied in the form of rainbow-colored feathers. Embrodery that resonates along optimism, making it a wonderful choice for projects that aim to spread positivity, joy. Combination of infinity symbol with  ethereal feathers makes a true standout among embroidery.

A Versatile Embroidery Design

One of defining features of Infinity Rainbow embroidery design is versatility. Embroidery an ideal choice for various apparel, be it clothing items such as shirts, jackets, or dresses, or accessories like bags, scarves. Regardless of medium choose, embroidery is sure to make creation come alive with its riot of colors.

Stir Your Creativity

Infinity Rainbow Feathers embroidery design offers a fantastic opportunity to get creative with embroidery. Experiment along different color schemes to suit preference or adapt embroidery to various styles, themes. Whether novice or a seasoned pro at embroidery promises to be an enjoyable, rewarding proposal.

In conclusion, Infinity Rainbow Feathers embroidery design is a beautiful blend, metaphor, creativity. Sparks joy, invites to explore the limitless possibilities of embroidery. So why wait? Get your hands on embroidery vibrant design - let creativity soar!


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