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Mickey Mouse with lines embroidery design

$1.99 USD

Mickey Mouse Lines Embroidery Design: Adding Disney Charm to Your Crafts

Unveiling a fresh and exciting perspective on the iconic Disney character, the Mickey Mouse Lines Embroidery Design brings a fresh touch to your creative projects. This design illustrates the magic of Disney through its intricate line detailing and timeless appeal. Regardless of what you're creating, this Mickey Mouse design adds a playful charm, effortlessly capturing the spirit of the Disney universe.

Sizes: mm     inch     Stitches:
  1. 100 × 91 mm    3.94 × 3.58"    7114
  2. 109 × 100 mm    4.29 × 3.94"    7805
  3. 120 × 109 mm    4.72 × 4.29"    8438
  4. 130 × 118 mm    5.12 × 4.65"    9278
  5. 140 × 127 mm    5.51 × 5"    10073
  6. 160 × 146 mm    6.3 × 5.75"    11462
  7. 180 × 164 mm    7.09 × 6.46"    13223
Colors: 1

Available formats
Bernina: art (version 2 - 3)*, exp. Brother: pec, pes, phc. Janome: jef, jef+.jp Melco: exp. Husqvarna/PFAFF: vip, vp3, vp4 Tajima/Barudan: dst, dsb. Husqvarna: hus, shv. Singer: xxx.
Color palette:Embird: edr, rgb, txt. * Bernina version 4-5 (art50) Grade C.
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Mickey Mouse Lines Embroidery Design: A Twist on a Classic

The Mickey Mouse Lines Embroidery Design is a unique twist on the classic image of the world's most famous mouse. The design uses lines to create a distinctive and artistic representation of Mickey Mouse, bringing a modern and stylish approach to a beloved character. This fresh take will infuse your crafts with a chic, contemporary feel while retaining the cherished Disney magic.

Unleashing Creativity with Mickey Mouse Lines Embroidery Design

The Mickey Mouse Lines Embroidery Design is a testament to creativity and imagination. It encourages you to look at familiar characters through a new lens, and to explore unique and innovative ways to integrate them into your crafting projects. Whether you're creating a fashion-forward piece of clothing or a whimsical accessory, this design allows you to blend the classic with the contemporary in an unexpected, yet delightful way.

Creating Treasured Keepsakes with Mickey Mouse Lines Embroidery Design

The Mickey Mouse Lines Embroidery Design is not just a design; it's a portal to crafting treasured keepsakes. This unique design captures the joy of Disney and the charm of Mickey Mouse, making it an excellent choice for projects destined to become cherished keepsakes. From heirloom quilts to personalized gifts, this design adds a dash of Disney magic that will be appreciated for years to come.

The Mickey Mouse Lines Embroidery Design is a celebration of all things Disney. Its unique line detailing and innovative representation of Mickey Mouse allow you to explore new crafting horizons, turning ordinary projects into extraordinary pieces infused with Disney magic.