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Mosaic cat embroidery design

$2.49 USD
Sizes: mm     inch     Stitches:
  1. 150 × 139 mm    5.91 × 5.47"    84855
  2. 160 × 148 mm    6.3 × 5.83"    91827
  3. 171 × 158 mm    6.73 × 6.22"    99780
  4. 180 × 167 mm    7.09 × 6.57"    107222
  5. 200 × 185 mm    7.87 × 7.28"    123293
Colors: 17

Tags: cat, Mosaic


Available formats
Bernina: art (version 2 - 3)*, exp. Brother: pec, pes, phc. Janome: jef, jef+.jp Melco: exp. Husqvarna/PFAFF: vip, vp3, vp4 Tajima/Barudan: dst, dsb. Husqvarna: hus, shv. Singer: xxx.
Color palette:Embird: edr, rgb, txt. * Bernina version 4-5 (art50) Grade C.
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AnnaHolland on
This is a beautiful cat design and it stitched out perfectly for my project. Great stitch out! Love the finished result. Thank you!
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Machine-embroidery designs executed in the style of imitation mosaic are very popular among machine-tool lovers. Vivid with a large number of different color elements, they can become an unusual decoration of any thing or object of the interior. However, it should be warned that this is a complex and dense embroidery. Therefore, we recommend this design to experienced users. Do not skimp on the stabilizer, take the most dense, at least 100 grams 2. At least 2-3 layers. From above it is better to additionally apply a layer of a water-stabilizing stabilizer. This will make it possible to avoid deformation of the contour.
Attention: Do not change the size of the design. This design is not compatible with the frame 4 x 4. Look through all the information about the design and its parameters. This applies to the owners of embroidery machines with a limited number of stitches.
If you have any questions or problems, please contact us.

Where you can use the mosaic machine embroidery design.

A good variant will be cushions or padded stools. Their dense fabric serves as an additional factor that avoids the problems associated with the displacement of the contour or the deformation of the elements. You can embroider a series of cushions or saddles using different colors that you can make yourself.
This is not the only design from our library of mosaic designs. Browse through our entire collection and select other designs made in one style. This will allow you to create a set of products for your home or kitchen in one style solution.

How can this design be used.

T-shirt with Mosaic cat embroidery design

T-shirt is a traditional type of summer clothes. It is difficult to imagine a country holiday or a trip to hot countries, there is always a place for it. We also wear it at home. Why not decorate it with machine embroidery. Embroidering on T-shirts is easy and simple. Usually T-shirts are made by their servile fabric with a little synthetic addition. They are easy to fasten in the hoop. The large size of the field makes it easy to find empty space. Minimum seams guarantee no problems.

For making embroidered T-shirts you will also need:

The stabilizer, the density of which depends on the density of the design and fabric. Average parameters are 60-80 grams per meter. It is better to use a tear-off stabilizer.
Machine embroidery design, design size is better to choose in advance. To more accurately represent how the project will look on the shirt, you can print a design image on the printer and impose on the product. Finding the desired position, mark the middle of a special chalk (you can replace the usual soap).
Everything can get to work. 60-90 minutes of work (with an average speed of 600-700 stitches per minute) and that's it. Mike with embroidery ready. It remains only to remove the remaining stabilizer from the wrong side of the product.


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