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Punto software with powerful tools for exclusive designs

One can make creative embroideries on the computer with Punto 7.6 embroidery digitizng software. It has powerful graphic tools which enables the user to make exclusive design on their personal computer which can be used for ideal design. The software helps the user to sketch, scan and create unique design and later mix it with existing drawings and text. It is very easy to combine the various shapes, embroidery effects and colours. The user can apply the embroidery effects with the help of Punto software which will calculate the stitches to drawings created by graphic applications like Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia, etc.

Softeam Punto version 7.6 embroidery software (important - this one of the world  professional software having powerful demo version) has wide range of tools with the help of which one can automatically convert scanned image, create text with fancy perspectives and make use of various fonts and clip arts. One can easily apply the embroider effect to calculate the stitches automatically. The use of various kinds of pens and geometric tools can be used to draw free hand shapes, rectangles, circles, polygons, stars, spirals and various other designs. You can apply various embroidery effects to the drawings and customize the drawings made. Punto has various features which will help you in making your unique designs by automatically recalculating the new stitches by maintain high level of quality.

Without drawing a single line one can create monograms with Punto 7.6  fonts and apply it to the various fonts and create embroideries. The embroideries from other systems can be read and one can write them on disks, paper tapes or send them to the embroidery machine. Features of punto include full control of the designing process, merging powerful and intuitive vector graphics tools. In the embroidery industry, punto is the only true cross-platform software available for Windows and Mac OS X. Lion

The Envelopes Palette – This helps in the creation of envelope distortion which is an alternation to the shape of the artwork. They are of great fun when it is used with typefaces and logos.

The Serialize Command – This easily helps in creating personalized items or any other serialized graphics. It is widely used in the production of large run generic designs which contain slight text variations.

The Scroller Palette – This palette helps in accessing the various areas of artwork like locating the viewing and later changing the magnification. When one is working on the complex artwork documents, the stroller helps in easily move on any area of the artwork and the edits done can be viewed on a larger context. You can zoom up to 10000 percent.

The Pathfinder Palette – This helps in creating new elements by combining. Subdividing or isolating parts of the overlapping elements. Commands which are available are Unite, Intersect, Exclude, Minus Front, Minus Back, Divide, Trim, Merge, Crop and Outline.

The Knife Tool and the Slice Command – They both cut the elements into pieces. The Slice command helps in using the selected path as stencil to cut the overlapping elements. The knife tool slices elements with the help of free hand path can draw with the tool. When the Knife tool is dragged it draws a cutting path which divides the overlapping elements into various pieces.

Production Worksheet – The worksheet contains all the necessary information which is needed by the machine operator like the picture of the design, the information pertaining to the design, the color sequence, etc. The print options, the editable color sequence and the worksheet preview are some of the options found on the Page content.

Steil Stitch – The stitch is a form of zigzag stitches with equal length around a single path. This can be applied to any path whether it is open or closed and is mostly used in borders. The effect dialogue box helps in finding out the attribute of the steil. In easy mode, the width, density, compensation, kind and shortening can be set. In case of expert mode, the width of the steil on which the stitches are placed, the corner fraction, density, density position, kind, compensation, minimum length and shortening can be set.

Combined Fill Stitch – This is a decorative stitch which helps in filling the wide and large areas with unique artistic effects. When the stitch is applied it automatically changes fill to satin and back to fill the open path.

Curved Fill Stitch – The stitch is a decorative stitch and is similar to Fill effect. The stitch lines follow the contours of the shape by creating a curved stitch lines and this enables on you to create unique and decorative effects which is ideal for leaves, sails, water, grass, clouds, etc.

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Posted by daisy43 on
Is this software compatible with Janome 10000 embroidery machine. Thankyou in advance.
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