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Embroidered gifts for newborn

We are engaged in embroidery, not only to make gifts for the holidays. Sometimes we ourselves want to do something elegant. And one of the reasons for the upcoming appearance of a child in your family.

Baby bunny with toys machine embroidery design

Or maybe your girlfriend is waiting for the addition of a family or even her first child. And you need to make her a beautiful, necessary, memorable gift. And most importantly, it must be original. One that can not be bought in a store. You can do this with your own hands. Of course, a beautiful postcard or bath set with soap of different colors and smells will look good. But what do they have to do with the newborn? To his first days? None. And we need to do something that will have to do with the child.
The best option, these are things that you can use from the very first minute. It's a bib, towels, napkins. A little later, you will need a suit for walking, hats and blankets.
So our user entered, whose photos you go on this page. A beautiful bath towel with embroidered bunnies and his toys and a memorable letter. It will serve for many years reminding your friend about the best moments in her life. When embroidering on a towel, do not forget to use a water-soluble layer of stabilizer on top. This will prevent your problems with the pile.
The second item is a romantic bag for the child's perelary curl. This bag and its contents will remain with you forever. Such a product, unlike a towel, can not be bought in a store. But, do not be scared. It is not difficult to make such a product by pattern. You can make them yourself (if you have the necessary knowledge) or use a pattern from the Internet (it is not difficult to find it). Fabric for such a memorable gift is better to choose more expensive. Choose colors nicely. And be sure to add a name and a date of birth. Suddenly you will have such bags - by the number of children.

Embroidery for newborns and toddlers.

Bright and unusual, it does not have to be designs with children. Most often for the decoration of products and accessories for newborns use stories with animals. Lovely teddy bears, hares, cats and dogs will be a good addition to the cap or panties. You must create in advance, remember that when the child is born, you will no longer have time for needlework. Use only good quality fabric and good stabilizers. This will save you and your baby from problems with allergy skin injuries (there are scrapes on the delicate skin due to the dense patch of embroidery). Use on baby clothes only viscose threads. After embroidery, thoroughly wash the product to remove the remnants of the stabilizer and thread.
If the product is made well, it will probably serve more than one generation. And every time will please.

Available here Baby bunny with toys machine embroidery design

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