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Embroidered leather embroidered bag

A beautiful travel bag with machine embroidery from the collection Fantastic world. Great professional work. The bag is made of genuine leather treated with corduroy. Our design is used. Correctly matched colors of embroidered threads under the color of the fabric gave the right effect.

Root man machin embroidery design

Design harmoniously blended with the color and shape of the bag. For making a bag, the author's pattern is taken as a basis. The open element of the upper part of the embroidery was sewn to the bottom. This is the order of preparing complex things with embroidery norm. It guarantees the correct location of the embroidery on a piece of fabric. The possibility, if necessary, of replacing the damaged part of the product. Comfortable work of the embroidery operator, who can easily fix the fabric in the embroidery frame in the right way.

How to embroider on the leather.

Leather - a material that requires special attention when embroidering. This is a very expensive and whimsical material, it can easily be spoiled, so when embroidering, remember that in the event of an error, you can not remove the threads without consequences - small holes may remain on the skin. If you make too tight stitches with embroidery, instead of a beautiful embroidered motif, you can get an ugly hole, because the skin is very easily torn. That such occurred as it is possible less often or at all did not occur, at work with a skin it is necessary to observe some obligatory rules.


It is necessary to take into account the density of the upper and lower stitches. It depends on the type of skin. As a rule, the stitch density decreases by 20 percent - but at the same time holes can form on the embroidery. Therefore, to compensate for the reduced density of the top stitches, you need to add a certain number of stitches of the lower stitches, and the way of imposing them is as important as the quantity.

The places of the holes from the bottom stitches should not coincide with the punctures of the upper stitches, so it is necessary to make sure beforehand that the lower stitches are located at least 4 mm from the outer edge of the stitch-column.

When using the filling stitch, the lower stitches should be placed at an angle of 45 degrees to the filling stitch (in both directions, from left to right, and then from right to left), making sure that the bottom and fill stitches have the same length of 4 mm.

When making stitches-columns, the width of the column determines the type of the lower stitch needed. If the bars are already 6 mm wide, then the offset stitch is used, which lies towards the center of the column. If the bars of the column are wider, it is optimal to use a combination of the offset stitch and the zigzag stitch. The zigzag width must be at least 1 mm on both sides (for example, with a width of 6 mm, the zigzag width is 4 mm).


For embroidery on the skin, it is important to choose a suitable needle: with a sharp or wedge-shaped tip. It is better to use wedge-shaped needles, since the holes that they make are smaller, after the needle exits, they tighten and become almost invisible.


For embroidery on the skin, the use of a lining is not necessary, but there are a number of exceptions. For example, working with a husky, very thin skin, you need to use a detachable or detachable lining - laika stretches very much, and stabilizers are needed. The tear-off lining must be torn off very carefully and necessarily in the direction away from the embroidery. The use of a cut-off liner protects the skin from rupture, but not completely, so too much caution is required here.


For embroidery on the skin, it is recommended to use a polyester yarn that is stretch-proof and durable so that the thread is less prone to tears during use. In addition, ready-made embroidery, made with polyester threads, has a beautiful shine.

Used Root man machin embroidery design

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