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Women's jacket in the styles of Native America

In a postmodern world, Native American symbols are still popular. Look around you – they are everywhere, from our clothes to our cars and shop windows. 

Embroidered jacket with dreamcather design

Their original meanings are mostly unknown to us, which is a pity, because it’s so much interesting to understand what the symbols stand for. Take this Dreamcatcher and Fox embroidery design, for instance. It combines two powerful images, both having a long history behind them.
A Dreamcatcher is a small wooden hoop with a web in it, decorated with dangling feathers and beads. Traditionally, they were made by the members of the Ojibwa Chippewa tribe and consisted of a red willow twig (sometimes wrapped in leather), natural fibers and feathers. They called it asabikeshiinh, or spider. It was believed that a Spider-Woman protects people in their sleep, catching the bad dreams with the Dreamcatcher. First used as keepsakes for those who left the tribe, Dreamcatchers gradually became popular all over America.
“But aren’t spiders kinda creepy?” you may ask. Well, if you think so, we have plenty of other designs for you. As for the fox, in Native American lore, it symbolizes a messenger. Northern tribes consider it at the same time wise and noble, someone who encourages us to approach something in a different way that we usually do. The fox sees things as they are and uses intuition to predict changes and to adapt. However, Plains tribes consider it to be cunning, deceptive and evil – a trickster. Being connected to the Shamans, the fox has powerful healing abilities.
In a nutshell, this embroidery design will be perfect for truly intuitive people, the original thinkers with a great sense of humor.
Please note that the design is not a small one. It contains a significant number of stitches, and therefore, will not be suitable for lightweight, transparent fabrics. A T-shirt, a pillowcase, a bedcover, a bag will be just right. Choose your colors carefully: the color scheme has its own symbolic meaning. A red fox is associated with sun, fire, and passion. A white fox denotes innocence and divinity, while a grey one is wise and composed.
The design has many stitches, so do not forget to use a suitable backing. A dense tearaway or cutaway stabilizer with temporary spray adhesive will do well. Or, you may use a sticky stabilizer. Hoop the fabric carefully so that to avoid puckering. Try the design on a piece of material first. It is preferable to use polyester threads, as they are the most durable. Rayon threads are nice-looking and shiny, but they tend to lose their luster after repeated laundering.

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